Moving - no one ever looks forward to it. It's stressful, time-consuming and just messy. Moving is an exciting time though; it's a start to something new, but we just forget that part of it. Although we might not be able to change how you feel about moving, here are 10 tips for making it a bit easier.

First Things First:  Forward all your mail to your new address. Be sure to also fill out a change of address form online for all your credit cards

The Prep Work:   Get all the supplies needed. Grab a lot of boxes and we mean A LOT! Purchasing boxes can become pricey; a good tip is to call a local retailer and ask them if you can take the boxes from their shipment. Make sure you have plenty of packing tape and markers. A tape gun can make things a bit easier as well.

In The Clear:   Place all necessities in a clear plastic bin. That way you don't have to dig for them. For example, your toothbrush, toothpaste, medication etc...

Wrap It Up:   Buy some bubble wrap or stretch wrap to prevent fragile items from shattering and/or breaking. You can also wrap anything that is breakable such as dishes or glass in clothing. Use old blankets, or rent furniture blankets from a moving rental company, to wrap around furniture to prevent scuffing or scratches.

Start From The Bottom:   Place all heavier items at the bottom of the box. Don't leave too much space - you don't want your items moving around in the box.  Also fill the box to the top with old newspaper, plastic grocery bags or packing peanuts. You don't want the box to cave in and break items when other boxes are stacked on top.

You Name It:   Label, label, label! This will make everything so much easier when you unpack. Write the contents on the side of the boxes so that you're able to see what's inside each box. Writing what room they belong in will also keep you organized.

Just Roll With It:  Group your boxes together with a roll of stretch wrap. It will keep your items from getting scuffed and/or scratched.  Stretch wrap is also great for holding blankets onto furniture pieces you want to protect.

Keep Back:   Heavy boxes and furniture should always be packed towards the back of the moving truck or trailer, so they are secured.  Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones and stack them up to the ceiling of the truck. Doing so secures the boxes and prevents them from moving while the truck or trailer is in motion. 

Calling All FriendsYou're going to need help and a lot of it!  Ask your friends to help.  Even if they can only help for an hour, it will make a huge difference!  Have them come in shifts, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, etc.

Keep In Mind:   Consider hiring a moving company. Yes, you will have to pay for the service, but most moving companies come with insurance, so if something does break, you will be compensated!  Saving yourself from the physical wear and tear of moving is priceless. Take it from someone who has moved a lot... it's worth it!